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by | Dec 7, 2020 | Bang For Your Buck

FUE hair transplants are an amazing type of hair transplant. Many of those seeking permanent hair restoration seek FUE because it does not leave that bald scar on the back or side of the head, like the older FUT procedure. If you’re looking for the best price on FUE, look no further than Best Hair Transplant!

Our FUE hair transplants are safe, minimally invasive procedures that require half the recovery time as a FUT transplant. This popular option will leave no visible scarring, and since the hairs are harvested from areas usually not subject to future hair loss, the results are considered lifelong.

People looking for an affordable FUE for their beard will also pay the best price on FUE at Best Hair Transplant. Additionally, the results are great! If that piques your interest, feel free to ask about it during your free consultation.


Instead of cutting out a thin strip off the back or side of your head and leaving behind a rather obvious scar, an FUE transplant involves removing follicles in a spread. Of course, we’re pros at FUT as well. But this is a great option for anyone looking to avoid scarring. Your surgeon will make tiny punch incisions around your most optimal hair follicles, then extract the follicular units. Grafts are harvested and cleaned before implanting them in the intended bald or thin area.

While your FUE grafts are waiting to be implanted by your skilled surgeon, our team submerges them in a plasma solution. This maximizes implant survivability. Your surgeon then makes very small incisions, where he then meticulously places your harvested grafts, one by one. Careful attention is paid to graft placement, so your hair grows in its natural direction, at just the right angle.

FUE patients report less discomfort than FUT patients, and most are up and around the very next day, or even a few hours after your painless operation. Any post-op swelling should subside after one or two days, but every patient is different. It’s normal for patients to develop scabs as part of the natural healing process, and any scabbing usually heal after a week or so.


People who prefer short hair, or who have minimal scalp elasticity, are perfect candidates for FUE transplants and will find the best price on FUE right here at Best Hair Transplant. Our FUE procedures are only $5 per graft, easily the lowest in the LA area! When you have gone over the details in your free consultation, don’t forget to ask us about our free add-on! We also offer cash pay discounts!

Not only will you pay the best price on FUE, but the whole procedure will only take about 2-5 hours, depending on how many grafts you need. People in need of more hair need more grafts, which take longer, because of how much care and attention to detail goes into their implantation. Patients who require in excess of 2,000 grafts will likely require multiple procedures.

You will learn how many grafts your hair will require during your free consultation with Best Hair Transplant. You can schedule one now with a quick phone call or email, and you can even have the consultation virtually at your convenience!


It is our team’s firm belief and a shared mission to make the best quality hair restoration procedures and products available to everyone for the best prices! We keep our overhead low and don’t overcharge. It’s not just good business, it’s good character. We don’t like being ripped off, and neither do you.

Places that charge even $7 a graft are charging more than they need to, and more than they should. Our prices on our hair transplants are only $4 to $5 per graft, which easily saves our thankful customers thousands! We strive to do our absolute best work every day, and we treat every customer like they’re our only customers.

We’ve given so many others positively life-changing transplants, that our business continues to grow and succeed from all their kind reviews and referrals! Why don’t you become the nest person we help? Call or email us now to set up your free virtual consultation with our hair specialists and give yourself the best makeover of your entire life!


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