Are You Looking for a Cheap Hair Transplant in Los Angeles?

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Bang For Your Buck

A cheap hair transplant is hard to find, especially when you’re looking for a cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles. Looking at all those expensive prices can be overwhelmingly disheartening, but don’t get discouraged, because we’ve got them all beat.

Best Hair Transplant specializes in performing the highest caliber hair transplants for the lowest prices in town. We have the guaranteed best prices in LA! If you or someone you know is one of the countless individuals searching for a cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles, schedule your free virtual consultation with us ASAP!


It’s easy to lose confidence in your self-image when your hair thins, but after one of our top-quality transplants, you’ll feel pride in your appearance! Our customers walk away happy, with nothing less than the excellent, permanent results we promised to deliver. Our expertly harvested and implanted grafts will look just as healthy and natural as the rest of your hair, so no one will be able to tell the relocated hair apart from the rest!

Many people come to us after having bad experiences with other hair clinics that charged higher prices for poor quality. We think that’s terrible, but we’re happy to surprise them with a flawless yet cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles. High prices don’t always mean high quality, and low prices don’t always mean low quality.

Expensive hair restoration centers charge high prices because they spend money frivolously and run a high overhead, they want to get as much money as they can from people, or both. We budget responsibly and only charge what is fair to us and to you, so our customers can benefit from major savings and the finest hair transplants money can buy. Low overhead costs for us mean a cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles for you!


Many hair clinics charge upwards of $7 per hair graft, when transplants require thousands of grafts, so things can get very expensive very fast. Our prices are as low as $4 to $5 per graft, which quickly adds up

to thousands of dollars in savings, and an amazingly cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles! You’ll find that many places charge more than twice as much!

Our FUT procedures are just $8,000 for 2,500 – 3,000 grafts, and only $7,000 for 1,500 – 2,500 grafts, making for an astoundingly cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles! FUE transplants usually cost significantly more, because they don’t leave those long, bald scars on the back of your head.

At Best Hair Transplant, our FUE transplants are only $5 per graft! Inquire about our free add-on during your free consultation. We’re also known to work with our clients, providing cash discounts!


Your particular hair type, the progression of your hair loss, and your desired hair thickness and hairline are all factors that will affect the number of grafts you will need and the total cost of your procedure. People will advanced hair loss need a greater number of grafts, and may require multiple operations. Likewise, those with minimal hair loss require fewer grafts and benefit from a very cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles.

We will answer all of your questions during your free virtual consultation, as well as determine the number of grafts you will need for your hair restoration. You can schedule your consultation over the phone or by email, and our hair specialists will help you decide which hair procedure is best for your particular hair.

We treat our patients like family because we understand how nerve-wracking and exciting this great transition can be. Your best quality solution for a cheap hair transplant in Los Angeles will be found only at Best Hair Transplant.


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