Is it Safe to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

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A lot of people looking for hair transplants have heard about Turkey. They’ve heard about the extremely low prices on hair transplant surgeries from friends, family, message boards, and social media. However, they might wonder whether it’s safe to get a hair transplant in Turkey. And rightfully so. Traveling to a foreign country for a medical procedure of any kind can seem a bit sketchy. On the other hand, those looking to save money on hair transplants may feel they have no other option. Like transplants in the states are simply too expensive. As a result, they might take the chance and travel to Turkey for their hair transplant procedure.

With this in mind, one must assess the risks and rewards of engaging in medical tourism. Is it worth my health and safety? Am I guaranteed the results I’m looking for? How can I seek compensation or hold foreign doctors accountable should things go poorly? Finally, you must ask yourself if traveling to a place like Turkey is even necessary.

If any of these questions have crossed your mind and you’re unsure about traveling to Turkey for your hair transplant, we have great news for you. Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach may be able to provide you with high-quality hair transplant and hair restoration services for a similar price. Yes, that’s right. Best Hair Transplant‘s prices are so reasonable that they rival the costs of traveling to Turkey to perform your procedure. If safety is a concern of yours, read on to find out if medical tourism is right for you.

Hair Transplants in Turkey

So if you’re considering traveling to Turkey for your hair transplant, I’ll be the number 1 reason is PRICE. Right? It’s not a big surprise. Medical procedures in the United States can be expensive. Some are downright outrageous. We know. We’ve seen how much other Los Angeles hair transplant clinics charge for their procedures. It’s no wonder people are looking outside the country for more reasonable options. With price in mind, let’s first assess the average costs of a procedure in Turkey and the costs to get there and back. After figuring out how much you can save, we can figure out the safety of doing so at a later point in time.

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

We researched multiple hair transplant clinics in Turkey to figure out what the average price is. The first clinic we looked at quoted a price of 1450 Euros flat. At the time of writing this, that’s about $1,750. And let’s be honest. That’s much cheaper than the average cost of a hair transplant in the United States. However, this clinic did not specify if this price was for FUE or FUT. They also fail to specify how many grafts that includes. If they fat rate any procedure with any number of grafts, that price is a deal, plain and simple.

Another clinic in Turkey quoted prices between 1,500-2,300 Euros (or $1,800-2,800). This price appears to be for FUE transplants as it does not appear they offer FUT. This clinic also includes three nights of accommodation. We have to say that’s a nice bonus because that cuts down on additional costs and simplifies the whole process. Yet another Turkish hair transplant clinic quoted a price of 1,350 Euros which is about $1625. This clinic also provides hotel accommodation the price quoted claims it’s for the “maximum” number of FUE grafts. Finally, one of the most well-known doctors in Turkey quotes prices anywhere from 2,090-2,590 Euros (or $2,500-3,200).

So, with those figures established, it appears the average cost for an FUE hair transplant in Turkey ranges between $1,600-3,500. There’s no denying that those are some very tempting prices. And if you’re ok with traveling out of the country for your procedure, this may be a viable option for you. However, before making that decision, we should see just how safe traveling to Turkey for your transplant really is.

Is Turkey Safe?

Turkish clinics and others abroad seem attractive due to their bargain prices. We get that. However, patients being drawn in by promises of complimentary consultations, rock-bottom rates, and free accommodations might be too good to be true. After all, some clinics may give you quotes without ever seeing images of you or consulting with you about your particular hair loss issues. Additionally, there’s no way to have a face-to-face consultation with a surgeon in Turkey. You just have to show up and hope for the best.

Consider that every decision you make in your life will have trade offers. If you stay in the states for your hair transplant, you have more rights and more options should things go wrong. However, you’ll surely pay more. If you choose to book your transplant in Turkey, you may save money but end up with an inexperienced surgeon who causes permanent damage to your scalp.

Additionally, if you choose a clinic that’s only focused on pumping patients through the surgery funnel, you may not get the one-on-one care you need to achieve success. We actually heard a story of a man who got a procedure in Turkey whose doctor was performing four procedures at once. That’s either a surgeon who’s seriously talented or one who has no time to focus on his patients. We have a feeling it’s the latter. Furthermore, the clinic skimped on pain meds and his anesthesia wasn’t strong enough. The result? A painful procedure that ended up looking awful.

In Summation

In reality, many patients come back with positive results. However, there are plenty of men and women who come back with complications, poor results, and horror stories of hair transplant surgeries gone wrong. Remember, anyone can put up a nice-looking website or take phone calls. Looks can be deceiving and things are not always as they appear. That’s why it’s so important to do lots of research before you make the choice to go to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Remember, hair transplants are a fairly safe procedure when performed by a trained professional. However, like all surgeries, they are not free from potentially serious side effects. If they’re conducted by poorly trained or unqualified surgeons looking to make a quick buck or take advantage of people who can’t take action against them, you’ll be the one suffering the consequences. And at that point, you’re worse off than when you started and now in need of more costly surgery to repair the failed procedure you left the country for.

The Best of Both Worlds

Ultimately, traveling out of the country may be the only choice some people have. At Best Hair Transplant, we’re doing everything in our power to offer such low prices that medical tourism and the risks associated become unnecessary. However, if you’re looking for the smarter option, choosing a clinic like Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach may be the better choice for you.

Best Hair Transplant offers rock bottom prices and cash pay discounts to make hair transplants as affordable as possible. Staying in the states for hair transplant surgery can be expensive, but at Best Hair Transplant, we cut out all the unnecessary costs that normally get passed on to patients. We keep overhead low, operate on an appointment-only basis, and don’t spend thousands of dollars a day on advertising costs. We operate solely on our reputation and recommendations. As a result, we’re able to offer the lowest prices on hair transplants in California. In fact, our prices are so competitive that patients from all around the country travel to see us.

We offer FUE hair transplants starting as low as $4,000. And just because our prices are low doesn’t mean we cut corners where it counts. So, if you’re looking for the perfect balance of low cost and high quality without having to leave the country, book a consultation with us and see what Best Hair Transplant can do for you!

We Take Pride in Our Work and Offer Fantastic Prices

If you’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from hair loss, Best Hair Transplant suggests you learn as much as possible about hair restoration. This should be done prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone, and determining the best course of action will yield the best hair restoration results.

That’s why at Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach, we pride ourselves in helping our patients choose the best procedure for them. It’s important to thoroughly research your hair restoration doctor before having the procedure performed. Not all doctors are equal and not all are as skilled, focused, or dedicated to performing hair transplant procedures. You can view our Hair Restoration Gallery for visual representations of our work. View our stellar Yelp reviews here.


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