Underquoting on Hair Transplants – Don’t Be Fooled

by | Apr 7, 2020 | The Industry

Many times hair restoration clinics aren’t honest with their clients upon their initial visit or consultation. At first, they may claim a patient needs 1000 FUE grafts when they know the number can and must be inflated later on. This practice is known as hair transplant underquoting. And it’s all too common at transplant facilities in the area.

Here’s the way it works. A patient calls up or does a virtual consult. The patient is then underquoted on the number of grafts they will need to adequately fill their bald or thinning spots. Then, when the patient has already got their hopes up, the clinics spring a larger cost on them, citing the need for more grafts than initially anticipated.

Underquoting – A Dishonest Practice

Don’t be fooled by deceptive practices and quotes which seem too good to be true. They usually are. Hair transplant underquoting on FUE and FUT procedures happens all the time. And these clinics know what they’re doing. This is just another tactic they use to extract as much money as possible from their clients. In combination with inflating their prices, these dishonest practices make for big profits in the hair restoration industry.

At Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach, we feel the public needs to be made aware of this. It’s absolutely wrong and the industry needs to be called out for cheating and underquoting patients. At Best Hair Transplant, we believe in PRICING TRANSPARENCY. We publish our prices right on our website for both Follicular Unit Transplant and Follicular Unit Extraction procedures. Why? Because we know that doing so ads a measure of trust and honesty that is unmatched in the hair transplant business.

How Are Your Prices So Low?

Now you may be asking yourself how Best Hair Transplant keeps our prices so low. While other practices are underquoting and overcharging their patients, we keep our costs low. Then, we pass that savings on to you. Larger facilities with huge staffs, loads of wasted space, massive rent and utility expenses, and exorbitant advertising budgets lead to higher prices. Sometimes, they also lead to the nefarious practice of underquoting.

On the other hand, at Best Hair Transplant, we don’t have to worry about recovering wasted funds. We keep it small and simple here. In doing so, we’re able to pass HUGE SAVINGS on to you! We even offer additional cash discount pricing to save you even more on your hair transplant procedure.

Our beautiful office is located in the heart of Redondo Beach for your convenience. We’re always accepting bookings and we can frequently have you scheduled for your transplant procedure in less than a month. Yes, that’s right! No waiting lists! We can offer convenient consultations for patients of all genders and ages in little to no time and get you on your way to looking better and more confident. All for less than our competitors!


If you’re one of the 80 million Americans suffering from hair loss, the hair restoration team at Best Hair Transplant suggests you learning as much as possible about hair restoration. This should be done prior to making a decision on how to address your hair loss. Not every procedure is right for everyone, and determining the best course of action will yield the best hair restoration results.

That’s why at Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach, we pride ourselves in helping our patients choose the best procedure for them. It’s important to thoroughly research your hair restoration doctor before having the procedure performed. Not all doctors are equal and not all are as skilled, focused, or dedicated to performing hair transplant procedures. For your benefit, ask to see “Before & After” photos as well.


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